Industrial Supplies

We can provide many of the things you need to complete your project such as...

Hardware: Piano, butt weld, & barrel hinges, gate latches, drill rod, threaded rod, shim stock, paint markers, ornamental fence pickets & accessories.

Fasteners: Grade 5 & 8 cap, hex, structural, carriage, eye bolt, lag, plow, step, elevator, socket head, square head set, machine, tapping, anchor, and foundation fasteners.

Abrasives: Coated sheets & discs, grinding discs, flap wheels, bench & pedestal grinder wheels.

Cutting Tools: Punches, dies & replacement blades for ironworkers, die inserts for Ridgid pipe threaders, Slugger bits, drills, taps, dies, reamers, end mills, files & burrs, cold and band saw blades, hole saws, cutting & cooling fluids.

Pipe Fittings & Accessories: Malleable, cast iron, stainless, weld carbon steel, forged, nipples, flanges, steam traps, Y-strainers, pipe hangers & strut, gauge glass and gauges.

Commercial & Industrial Valves: Gates, checks, ball, diaphragm, relief & safety, knife gate, pressure reducing, back flow prevention, globes, plug, butterfly, & actuators.

Bulk Handling Components: Augers, flighting, bearings & hangers, troughing & covers, & elevator buckets.

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